Utopie konkret_»Verändern der Vergangenheit: Corrective Illusion oder The Power of Magic to change the Past!«

Online-Workshop mit Gony Paz (Tel Aviv) [für Profis, in englischer Sprache]

Zweitägiger Workshop für Profis in englischer Sprache, der das transformative Potenzial von Figurentheater erforscht. Die Teilnehmer_innen bekommen im Vorfeld eine performative Aufgabe, die wir in der ersten Sitzung besprechen, gefolgt von einem theoretischeren Teil, in dem wir uns mit den Arbeiten verschiedener Künstler_innen beschäftigen. Der zweite Tag ist der physischen Arbeit gewidmet.

Anmeldung/Register mit einer kurzen Beschreibung des beruflichen Hintergrunds bis 27. Juni an
Max. 15. Teilnehmerinnen. Teilnahme kostenlos.

An opportunity to correct injustice and change reality through fiction. Fooling history using artistic, theatrical means which already contain in their essence, the co-existence of illusion and reality.  Creating the playful intermediate space between truth and fiction allows us to deal with a very violent narrative from the past, without perpetuating the violence in the present. We have a choice not to respond to it with images of further violence but to undermine and trick it.

In his performance Sweety you ain't guilty Goni Paz deals with the miserable choice between the loneliness of keeping a secret and the horror of sharing it with an audience, whoever that audience may be. Avoiding resolution, the work (and the one who performs it) attempts to ‘fall in-between’ – action and paralysis, reality and fiction, tenderness and sharpness, self and (an)other.

In a fluent medial zapping, the spectators move from one image to another to establish an intuitively shared language with the performer. The performance is scattered with attempts to breach comfort zones and aims at moments of both intimacy and exposure, to which the audience is invited. At a site of mutual understanding, or – at least – the collective acknowledgement of the failure to attain it.

In this workshop we will explore the transformative potential that exists between truth and fiction, through the medium of puppet theater that embodies this from its essence. Two weeks in advance participants will be given a short performative task that they will be asked to bring and present during the workshop.

In the first sessions we will watch these performative tasks and discuss them. Then we will look at the subject from a more theoretical angle through texts and examples from the works of various artists and in the context of 'Sweety you ain't guilty'. The idea is that we will leave the first part of the workshop loaded with ideas, questions, and inspirations for our further work. In the second session we will work physically in personal and group exercises that will allow us to shake our narrative, observe it and experience it with compassion, honesty, criticism, rebellion, through blatant manipulation, humour and more.

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Dauer: 270 Minuten

Geeignet für: Für Erwachsene. Teilnahme kostenlos. Anmeldung erforderlich.

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